Negotiation Techniques in the meeting industry

The following general principles should be remembered and applied to negotiations for any site, service, or supplier in the meeting industry!


By following these simple guidelines, a meeting manager can utilize the methods and lessons of meeting management in a more efficient manner.

• Present and maintain a professional attitude.
• Control stress and tension.
• Avoid politics and egos.
• Take time to gather all facts and requirements beforehand.
• Meet with the proper hotel or site people who have the authority to make decisions.
• Know all the following Do’s and Don’ts.


• Define the purpose and objectives of the meeting.
• Know the event.
• Have printed copies of meeting plans available.
• Make key contacts in all services and sites.
• Follow up frequently.
• Obtain peer referrals.
• Contact union stewards before an event at a union venue.
• Communicate with clarity and outline everything in writing.
• Make all agreements part of the written contract.
• Possess the authority to make a decision (or sign a contract).
• Possess the authority to make a decision (or sign a contract).
• Be ethical.
• Ask questions.
• Listen and pay attention.
• Minimize all distractions.
• Verify all legal clauses of the contract with an attorney.
• Know the budget.


• Sacrifice quality for cost.
• Make unreasonable demands.
• Insist on being the final authority.
• Be inconsiderate of a supplier’s profit margin and business needs.
• Escalate and overestimate needs.
• Hesitate to ask questions.
• Be apprehensive about negotiating for everything required.
• Promise what cannot be delivered.
• Lie or misrepresent.
• Jump at the first offer.
• Pass up a good deal based on a personality conflict.
• Be intimidated.
• Hesitate to advise the facility of changes.


Source: meeting management association


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