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Christine Morlet, CSP - Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant & Trainer

In today’s world, negotiation & presentation skills are one of the most common and the most useful activities.

Christine's Keynote presentations & Workshops will help you go into any negotiation and any presentation with a stronger, more confident hand.

The key to effective long lasting relationship and deal making!

Keynote Speaker Christine Morlet’s’ "take-home-value" effectiveness is well known. Clients such as Capsugel / Pfizer Group, Honeywell Garett and Faurecia (Peugeot Citroen Group) have given her enthusiastic reviews.

You will be entertained as well as informed by Christine's unique style and fascinating anecdotes. Her negotiating Masterclass & Keynotes live up to the phrase "never a dull moment." By the end of your time with her, you will be eager to try your new negotiation skills!

When you do try out those newly learned negotiation skills, you will be impressed by their effectiveness, and your boss and co-workers will be impressed by your new expertise. Do not miss this opportunity to hear one of today's most exciting speakers.

You will learn the classic principles of negotiation. You will also gain "insider information" about the step-by-step techniques used by Master Negotiators - men and women earning six-figure employees in today's most successful organizations.

This is your opportunity to refine the negotiation skills you are presently using by building on your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. The information you will hear is critical to every professional today.  This is your opportunity to Learn the techniques of Master Negotiators.

After completing this negotiation program you will be able to save your company hundreds, maybe thousands of Euros, Pounds or Dollars on supplies and services, end the "tug of war" between departments when it comes to equipment, offices, personnel, etc., get your employees salary compensation packages you both feel good about, or outsmart "wheeler-dealers" who try to take advantage of you.

The next time you negotiate anything you will feel confident you secured the best possible result.

Effective Negotiating & Presentation Skills...
Powerful tools everyone can use!

Your boss gives you an impossible deadline for his pet project. How can you buy more time? A car dealer pressures you to buy options you don't want. What do you do? After weeks of negotiating for a new account, the phone rings. "Sorry, we're going with a bigger company." Why didn't you see it coming?

These are all problems you face every day. With the negotiating skills you will learn from this program, you will be able to face these problems with more confidence, and get your way more often.

To be more effective negotiators, we have to become better communicators. All negotiation is communication. The better we hear what others want and communicate what we need, the more deals we will swing our way.

This negotiation program will give you valuable insights into your negotiating style and profile and how you can best adjust your approach for better results.

Great deals. No blood! That is the secret to "from EGOtiation to NEGOtiation"

No battles, no tricks. Just one-on-one communication, and finding out what the other side really wants

Be known as a skilled negotiator:

  • Read your "opponent" and adjust your approach
  • Avoid surprises... especially after the negotiation
  • Ask for concessions in a way you're more likely to get them
  • Break a deadlock
  • Follow up on an agreement so it doesn't fall apart
  • And many more honest and effective techniques for making fair, productive, lasting agreements

Create better deals for yourself or your company

  • Ever made a bad deal?
  • Paid more than you knew you should have?
  • Had a hard-fought agreement fall apart?
  • Do discussions with business colleagues leave you worn out with nothing to say?

Then this program can help you become a more effective negotiator!
What you've heard is true:


Everything is negotiable. But not everyone knows how to negotiate. In fact, some people regularly pay more than they need to... or end up settling for a lot less than they should. How about you? The "Successful Stress Free Negotiating"™ Sales Negotiation program starts where most other negotiation programs leave off.

This negotiation program focuses on application, not theory. You will gain specific, clear-cut "how-to's" that you can use every day to get consistently better deals. Think about it, whether it is persuading a supplier to give your company a discount, sending out bids, getting a deadline extended, closing a sale, even buying a car, your day is filled with situations that require fair, solid agreements. This is your opportunity to get more out of every agreement you make, and do it faster, and with less conflict.


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