Whole Brain Communication

Whole Brain Communication
Whole Brain Communication

Better understand self & others - "Whole Brain" Communication

Even most of those that make presentations for a living do not really understand much about whole brain communication or the benefit they could reap from mastering this concept. Most presenters believe that as long as high quality information is set forth in a logical and understandable manner the presentation will be successful.

You Must Understand "Whole Brain Communication"

To release the mysteries of persuasive presentation you must understand whole brain communication. This involves how the human mind acquires, processes, and holds information for recall. It also includes the physiological influences on both the audience and the presenter.

While the quality, clarity, and logic of the material being presented are important, the real potency and power comes from the emotional sensory factor. This should motivate the majority of presenters to change their presentation style because the emotional factor is one that is often not considered by presenters. Changing the presentation style can produce measurable communication results and positively influence you, your career, and the business you represent. This alone could be motivation to master the Persuasive Communication Presentation Model.

Effective presentation is a key factor and contribute heavily in the outcome of:

  • High level presentations
  • Shareholder presentations
  • Analysis presentations
  • Service and client presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Strategic internal changes and education

Persuasive presentations have the ability to make a compelling impact through the sales, productivity, accuracy, and explicitness they create.

Company Presentations Rarely Nail Communication Basics

It is rare for companies to get their basic presentation communication correct. However, the Persuasive Communication Presentation Model instills the knowledge of structuring, producing, and delivering presentations that cater to the manner in which the audience receives, handles, and retains information. You must be in tune with the fact that the sensory emotional filters of the audience members dramatically impacts how the information that is presented is received.

Persuasive Communication Presentation Model

The Persuasive Communication Presentation Model provides the presenter the opportunity to explore each specific topic in detail. It breaks down the present knowledge, as well as the scientific intelligence, into palatable modules. These include:

  • Perspective
  • Plan
  • Structure
  • Creation
  • Delivery
  • Measurement

Human Communication in Focus

When you put human communication into a new perspective you must understand the way the human mind works. This includes the drive and motivation that causes a person to give attention. You are required to completely rethink the presentation standard. Presenters must analyze where they have gone wrong and what opportunities have been missed, and most importantly the reasons behind those missed opportunities.

Presenters simply must be well-versed in how their audience processes information. This information alone, when applied, would dramatically alter the presentation styles of most professionals. Those that perform presentations on a regular basis could greatly benefit from exploring this information and implementing it into their demonstrations.


The transformation of a presenter's material would astonish most onlookers!

Understand Self & Others Presentation
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