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The 6 key steps to a great pitch!
The 6 key steps to a great pitch!
  • Many people and companies struggle with their elevator pitch. Most companies view it as their mission or vision statement. While those are nice, they may not necessarily help you "sell" your business and get higher results.
  • Another mistake people make is trying to make their pitch too inclusive, giving too many details and covering everything they do.
  • Lastly, prople try to make it generic in order to keep it simple and don't reach the goal!


None of these approaches to your elevator pitch are ideal. So, how do you create the perfect elevator pitch?

6 key tips to a great elevator pitch!

  1. What is your "lead-in sentence"? Is your pitch unique? Can anyone else offer what you offer?
  2. Is it relevant to your audience? Unique is good, but unique things without relevancy don't stick around too long.
  3. Does it motivate your audience to take action? This is the true test. After hearing your elevator speech, does a person want to continue the conversation?
  4. Do you have the support to back it up should your audience choose to continue the conversation?
  5. Can you say it in less than 2 minutes and 120 words?
  6. The sixth criteria (not critical, but preferred) is making sure it is not filled with marketing fluff.

My elevator pitch lead-in sentence is: "My international tips and insights turn average negotiators into top earning superstars!"


It took me a while to get it to this point, but I have been pleased with how it is being received. More important I have examples of how it has successfully been put into action for a variety of companies. Lastly, it only takes me 5 seconds to deliver this lead-in phrase!

You need a good elevator pitch, having one is a big step in helping you market smarter!


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Know how to present yourself in less than 2' and 120 words
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