Advanced Sales Negotiations Skills Workshop


  • Revision of the essential elements involved in negotiation.
  • Self-analysis - understanding behavioral patterns and personal profile
  • Understand negotiation structure to deal with tough negotiators
  • Improve preparation and planning.
  • Be aware of and use signals.
  • Deliver assertive proposals.
  • Creative use of variables within negotiation.
  • Minimize and optimize concessions.
  • The needs and motivations that exist in negotiation.
  • Develop a negotiation mentality.


  • Course overview and objectives
  • Who am I negotiating with? Types of negotiators and how to work with each type
  • My style, my skills and my energy
  • Developing a strategy
  • The phases of a negotiation
  • Predictable tactics used by tough negotiators
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Managing conflict
  • About concessions
  • Bringing it to a conclusion
  • Action planning


Language of instruction: French or English

Advanced Sales Negotiations Skills
Program details
Advanced sales negotiations skills cours
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