One on one Executive Coaching


From time to time, it is necessary to make vital presentations, often to large audiences, upon which the future of the company may depend.


Standard presentation skills training is not enough in these circumstances.
Secondly, it is not able to deal with the specifics of both the task and the material to be presented.


However, when you are called upon, you will want to be not just adequate, you will want to be brilliant, inspiring, charismatic, memorable and confident.
Executive Presentation Coaching is an opportunity to work, on an intensive one-to-one basis, with one of the foremost presentation trainers in the country. The work concentrates on a specific presentation task, in a specific venue, to a specific audience.


Each program is individually tailored for each client's specific needs.
You will be encouraged to develop what already works about how you present, rather than concentrating on what is 'wrong' with your presentation style.
The work will be geared to making your presentation vital and alive and to putting your ideas across in a powerful, effective, entertaining and stimulating way.

Target Population:  Executive and senior management

Prerequisites: Lead presentations on regular basis - Have a laptop

Competency Developed: Feel more confident when public speaking in front of stakeholders and senior people
Define your personal speaking style & present with much more impact 


Duration: 6 half day - 3 hours -one to one coaching sessions
+ 6 X 1 hour virtual coaching online 


Language of instruction: French or English


Program fee: € 11 000,00 + VAT for 1 person

+ coach travel & venue expenses Including communication survey license

Download the program
Executive one on one coaching
Executive Presentation Skills one on one
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